Dear Skype, Fuck You.

I don’t mean fuck you because Skype doesn’t work or because it’s a crappy program, I mean fuck you because seeing someone you love and not being able to actually be with them is pure torture.

While in college i Skyped my girlfriend often and I basically hated every minute. Yes it gave me the chance to see the woman I loved and missed, but in the end it just made me miss her more. It’s basically like showing you a delicious steak while you’re starving, but having it locked in a see through case.

I can’t hate on Skype too too much because sometimes my gf and I would get a lil frisky and talk dirty to each other or undress. In that sense, I loved Skype. I only feared that the government was watching through the webcam. I didn’t fear them seeing me, I feared them seeing my penis and not paying the proper royalties for such a masterpiece.

I advise people in relationships to use Skype as little as possible especially when in a long distance relationship. Talking and texting is just fine for me or maybe go old school and send a medieval love letter. I’m just a person who can feel separation easily so Skype wasn’t the greatest form of communication for me.


I Got 6 Minutes….You Gonna Blow Me Or What??

Let me get one thing straight, I AM NOT a morning person. Come to think of it, if I’m waking up, I’m not an any time of person. Whether I have to wake up at 6 AM or 2 PM I am still in a very sensitive mood.

I’m the type of person that has to recharge his batteries before taking on the day. I usually like to perform my morning rituals in complete silence or with light music. I try to avoid conversation as much as possible and if I can’t, I limit my responses to one or two words.

This was perfect in college because I was usually the only one up so I had no one to bother me. During high school, my mother would tell me her whole day schedule every single day as I was slumped over my bowl of cereal. I always wondered why she did this because not once over those four years did I ever respond to her. I feel she just needed to speak out loud and since she packed my lunch I would let it slide.

This brings me to the topic of this post: Sex in the morning.

I recently read that sex in the morning can increase your mood throughout the day and make you feel closer to your partner.

The only exception I’ll make to my no talking rule in the morning is the person I’m sleeping with. They generally make me happier when I’m around them so for a change I’ll engage another human in the AM.

Sex in the morning is a double edged sword for me. Do I love it? Of course, who wouldn’t? But many factors come into play while getting freaky before the alarm clock goes off.

The first problem is I’m a rock when I sleep. If I could be woken up with a BJ to get the blood pumping that would be great.

Another is afterwards. You expect me to start my day now?? No, we’re staying in bed for another 15 min for a cuddle sesh and possibly going BACK to sleep only to start the process over again when we next wake up.

The third would be time constraint. If I have to be up at 6:30 AM for work, we need at least 20 min to get wild and a 15 min cuddle sesh after so we are looking at getting weird at 5:55 AM!!!! Then I have to go to work after??? I don’t know, that’s not for me.

Luckily I’ve never had to do it before work or anything so I’ve always had the option of staying in bed for a little longer.

I would rather it after breakfast or in the shower, that way I’m not so damn comfortable and your pussy doesn’t make me want to stay in bed all day and go on welfare.

Always Thinking HARD & Sexnowthenlater, WTF Is Wrong With You???

If you’re wondering how I thought of the name to this blog or my username it basically came out of sheer panic and a creative block.

I was originally going to title the blog something like This Man’s Dirty Mind, but i decided to come up with something right off the dome on the spot. Always Thinking HARD came instantly to me when on the sign up page and was available so that was a no brainer. Its a double entendre because I’m usually always thinking hard about something or getting hard from thinking my disgusting, dirty thoughts.

The username, however, was a bit more tricky. I could have gone with something corny or stupid but to be honest I was having a mental block. I almost felt as if someone was holding a gun to my head and I just needed to pick a damn username as quickly as possible.

My girlfriend offered ideas like pussynator and dirtymcnasty, but I felt like they just weren’t me. I mean, am I really the terminator of pussy??? Am I gonna lead the future resistance once mankind is on the brink of extinction from world dominating pussies?? I mean I can definitely see myself as a commando in that situation, but easily dying early in the fight from intense amounts of pleasure.

Could I have thought of a better name than sexnowthenlater, yeah prolly. I kinda wanted it to be stupid and incorrect because I feel some of my sexual thoughts are just outright funny and stupid. I also normally want sex now then a little bit later then a lil bit later after that as well.

My gf just thought of another name, ClitsandFlowers, not a bad one!!

Just another lil post about me and my thought process;)

Welcome To My Deep Deep Thoughts….

So I decided to create a blog about my sexual encounters, thoughts, and just basically anything I feel like discussing regarding this great activity.


A little background about myself:

  • Male
  • Early 20’s
  • College grad
  • Athletic
  • Strives for new experiences
  • Strong belief in love
  • Passion for music


I have to admit women are on my mind 24/7 though. Anything about them really. It could be their beautiful smelling perfume or their cute little dimples on their cheeks. A million different things turn me on and get me excited about a girl and I’d rather be around women than men any day of the week.

This blog will contain some crude language so if that sort of thing offends you then I do not believe this blog is for you unfortunately. I would also like to say that all these thoughts and posts are 100% mine and it probably won’t be out of the ordinary for you to agree or disagree with me.

I joke pretty much as often as I can so I want NO ONE taking offense to my silly humor. I will not be demoralizing women, (sluts maybe) but just sharing my thoughts and experiences as I try to navigate through my early sexually fueled 20’s.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy Always Thinking HARD.